Club Canna – Master Kush Shatter


Product Specifications

  • Free of Additives
  • 75 – 80% THC
  • Naturally Extracted Organic Terpenes
  • 1 Gram
  • Taste Profile – Citrusy, Sweet & Woody Flavours
  • Terpene Profile – Citrusy, Earthy, Pungent & Sweet Aromas


  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Induces Sleep
  • May Relieve Chronic Pain
  • May Reduce Stress


  • Breeder: Dutch White Label Seed Company
  • Lineage: Crossed from 2 Landrace Strains from Different Parts of the Hindu Kush Region
  • Phenotype – Indica Dominant Hybrid
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About the Strain

If you are looking to buy shatter in Alberta or anywhere in Canada, this phenotype of Master Kush shatter produces very potent batches around 86% THC due to its plant percentages topping 27%. Master Kush is a heavy hitting Indica with very little traces of Sativa. For those people that have laid eyes on the real master Kush strain, they know it has a very unique smell. The most honest description of the smell resembles half sweaty socks paired with a sweet lingering smell and heavy Kush to top it off. In other words, it’s one of the dankest smells to come out of a cannabis plant. Its origins are somewhat unclear but one of its parents can be traced back to the original land strain, Hindu Kush.

Our Extraction Protocols

This Master Kush Shatter has been crafted using Club Canna’s extraction methods which are extremely timely; however, the results produce results that are unlike anything else in Canada. First, Club Canna uses a proprietary blend of solvents to extract terpenes and flavonoids at low temperatures as not degrade the quality of these essential compounds. Temperatures manifested too high can result in the loss of the integrity of the finished result. After one or two passes of a single strain extraction, the flavonoids and terpenes that were previously rendered are added back in. This makes for an entourage effect that reflects the high a person would experience when smoking this strain in its flower form. As a matter of fact, most labs use synthetic terpenes to flavour concentrates making for a product that never inherits any of the unique qualities of its mother plant.

Type of High

The strain’s genetic ancestry becomes evident when feelings of total relaxation and euphoria swiftly position you in a spiritual atmosphere. Minutes later you will fall into deep relaxation that will guide you into a cloudy bliss.  As a result, its primarily recommended for patients that suffer from insomnia. However, due to master Kush’s strength it benefits a wide array of physical, emotional and intellectual ailments. These consist of anxiety, migraines, significant relief from pain, muscle spasms, inflammation and depression. However inconceivable, it does not produce many adverse effects, (with the exception of dry mouth), so make sure you keep a cool beverage on hand while you dive into this full-bodied experience. If you are looking for another great heavy hitting Indica that helps with insomnia, check out our Pink Kush shatter for sale, here at Secret Smoke!