Club Canna – Wedding Cake Shatter Wax


Product Specifications

  • Free of additives
  • 75 – 80% THC
  • Naturally extracted organic terpenes
  • 1 gram
  • Taste profile – Sweet, Berry & Fruity Flavours
  • Terpene profile – Sweet & Vanilla Aromas


  • Relaxed
  • Creative
  • Euphoric
  • Induces Hunger


  • Breeder – Seed Junky Genetics
  • Lineage –  Triangle Kush X Animal Mints
  • Phenotype – Hybrid
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Club Canna’s shatter wax is produced from top-quality fresh buds that keep most of the cannabinoids found in the original genetics of the plant. Due to our unique extraction procedures, our shatter wax is one of the best on the market. Low-temperature fluctuations are dialed to retain more of the terpenes’ natural flavours and scents.

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About Wedding Cake

If you’re looking to buy shatter wax online, this distinguished strain from California is a great choice. It has a pure, flavourful taste that is aromatically sweet and smells like birthday cake icing mixed with subtle kush undertones.

The high is exceptionally clean, uplifts your senses and you will find the high rolls over you like a wave of relaxation that wash’s over your body and mind. This marijuana concentrate is typically used for patients that experience mild depression, furthermore, it increases the mood for a healthy appetite. If you are a beginner, beware, this shatter wax’s THC content draws more parallels to a distillate. Wedding cakes THC content is already exceptionally high, making this concentrate more powerful than most.