LSD Tabs


1 Square ($9.00) = 100ug

Additional Information: Please be aware that the ‘Bear images’ are only meant to serve as a guide to show how big a tab is and what dosage is suggested for beginners. The primary image at the top is the artwork we currently have and what you will receive, as stated in bold: 1 Bear = 4 Tabs

Warning: Please store this product in a dark and cold environment as soon as you receive it. The most optimal place to store this product is in a fridge drawer. Avoid exposing this product to prolonged light or heat! Additionally, do not handle this product with your bare hands.

Disclaimer: This is a very strong product. For those who are new to experimenting with LSD, it is advised that you take no more than one tab; always use caution.

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LSD, a star unto itself, is typically credited with ushering in the “psychedelic age.” LSD offers users a beautiful psychedelic experience that may result in feelings of joy, peace, and transcendence.

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1 Tab, 4 Tab