Mandalorian Strain (AAAA)

Product Specifications

  • Grown using organic food
  • Medium to large size buds
  • AAAA grade
  • 20% + THC
  • < 1% CBD
  • Terpene profile –  Sweet, Rich Creamy Citrus, Undertone of Skunky Coffee
  • Taste profile –  Sweet, Sugary, Cherry & Coffee Flavoured


  • Relaxed
  • Full-bodied High
  • Couch-locked
  • Induces a strong appetite


  • Breeder – Full Duplex
  • Lineage – Unkown
  • Phenotype – Hybrid

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If you’re looking to buy rare weed strains online in Canada, behold, Mandalorian, a non-abundant Indica dominant hybrid.

Mandalorian is known for emitting sweet sugary cherry flavours with traces of coffee. It has great bag appeal and consists of light green round nugs with purplish overtones, fuzzy amber hairs, and a thick frosty coating of bright white trichomes.

Type of high

This AAAA weed delivers a full-bodied high that will leave you ravenous for the kitchen and in incredibly good spirits. At first you will get a burst of creative energy that will quickly transcend into deep positive daydreaming. Next, users report sensations travelling from limb to limb as your mind enters an introspective, almost psychoactive state before transforming into a body high and drawing you down into couch-lock. Your stomach will take hold as your entire body relaxes, leaving you searching for everything edible in your surroundings. The Mandalorian strain (AAAA) is ideal for treating eating disorders, chronic pain and depression. It also has been reported to have THC levels of over 20%!

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