Club Canna – Wedding Cake THC Syringe


Product Specifications

  • Free of Additives
  • 90% + THC Distillate
  • 1 Gram Distillate Oil
  • Naturally Extracted Organic Terpenes


  • Creative
  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Induces Sleep


  • Breeder – Seed Junky Genetics
  • Lineage – Triangle Kush X Animal Mints
  • Phenotype – Indica Dominant Hybrid
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You might be aware that most cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are eliminated during the THC or CBD extraction process. However, here at Club Canna we achieve the entourage effect by practicing a unique method of extraction. We accomplish this by utilizing a very mild solvent to extract as many natural terpenes and flavonoids as possible prior to distillation. We also only run one strain at a time, resulting in a distillate that closely resembles the flower. We then add these strains of flavonoids and terpenes back in, ensuring that Club Cannas syringes are of the highest quality and totally unique.

Our Wedding Cake syringe is a 90% + THC distillate with a minty and peppery taste and a sugary after-burst. This unique cross-strain inherited its unique characteristics from a lineage of strain cultivation that leads to specific healing ease. Wedding Cake is popular among both recreational and medicinal marijuana users. Its soothing and uplifting qualities appeal to recreational users, and it is used medicinally to treat pain, anxiety, and depression. It acts as a soothing agent and an appetite stimulator and is beneficial to people suffering from depression-related disorders, fibromyalgia, MS, and other similar symptoms. 

Using THC syringes for dabbing is almost as simple as it sounds. For distillate syringes in bulk, check out our variety bundles category where you can get your pick of your favourite strain and save money by buying weed online in bulk!

Here are some of the advantages of our THC syringe;

  • You have access to a variety of volumes,
  • Very little oil is lost in the application process,
  • You get all the oil in the exact proportions you expect,
  • It can be dispensed directly onto food,
  • It can be mixed into beverages,
  • Or it can be taken on its own.