Club Canna – Pink Kush Shatter


Product Specifications

  • Free of Additives
  • 75 – 80% THC
  • Naturally Extracted Organic Terpenes
  • 1 Gram
  • Taste Profile – Berry, Candy, Sweet & Vanilla Flavours
  • Terpene Profile – Earthy, Floral, Sweet & Vanilla Aromas


  • Body High
  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Induces Hunger
  • Induces Sleep


  • Breeder – Unknown
  • Lineage – OG Kush X Unknown California strain X Lemon Thai X ChemDog X Hindu Kush
  • Phenotype – Indica Dominant Hybrid
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About the Strain

As you might expect, Pink Kush’s strong high extends to its concentrate counterpart. In fact, when we had this shatter tested at the Lab it came back with trace amounts of Cannabinol (CBN) and Cannabidiol (CBD) which support the body with extra medicinal properties that are unusual to find in a THC concentrate. When you open a bag of this shatter its uncanny smell immediately hits you like a ton of bricks filling the room with gas and sweet berries. This strain is strong with the most recent batch hitting a whopping 72.7 % THC. If you know Pinks, you know you can taste the smell up to your nasal cavity as you take a deep breath, reminding you of the pungent smell eucalyptus oil. This cannabis shatter from Club Canna never disappoints and wisps off the tongue leaving your mouth tasting like sweet piney earth that is extremely refreshing.

Our Extraction Protocols

When you buy shatter in BC by Club Canna know that our extraction methods are extremely timely; however, the results produce results in their products that are unlike anything else in Canada! First, Club Canna uses a proprietary mixture of solvents to extract terpenes and flavonoids at lower temperature than the competition as not degrade the quality of these essential compounds of the plants genetic makeup. Temperatures manifested too high can result in the loss of the integrity of the finished result. After one or two passes of a single strain extraction, the flavonoids and terpenes that were previously rendered are added back into the THC and secondary cannabinoids. This makes for an entourage effect that reflects the high a person would experience when smoking this strain in its flower form. As a matter of fact, most labs use synthetic terpenes to flavour concentrates making for a product that never inherits any of the unique qualities of its mother plant.

Type of High

Pink Kush Shatter has a high that will likely hit your body in a minute or less! Due to its Indica Dominant qualities, it is used frequently for relaxation and achieving adequate sleeping patterns. Furthermore, the extra cannabinoids in Club Cannas shatter present some unique opportunities to aid in relieving symptoms of multiple conditions you cannot find in other extracts. This particular shatter has the ability to reduce inflammation and treat mild pain. Lastly, its high is great for conversation, (if you don’t smoke too much) and has some uplifting effects when going to the gym or playing sports.